WebOS Camera Patch: Advanced Camera Configuration


What was formerly the Self-Timer and Burst-Frame patch has been replaced.  To maintain compatibility with older camera patches, the new patch combines the following patches into a single Tweaks-supported patch:

  • Video camera flashlight
  • Capture with volume-key
  • Shutter sound
  • Self-Timer and Burst-Frames

    UPDATE: Did you come here wondering why the camera patch will not install?  Unfortunately, due to code ninjas, there are a few patches that this patch does not play well with the video camera flashlight patch and a few naming patches.  I am looking into things and am beginning to form a solution that I hope will clean up the camera patch ecosystem.  Stay tuned.

Please leave comments below or twitter me if you have issues or a feature request for this patch.

Usage Note:

When the camera app first starts, a service call is made to query all of the Tweaks settings.  This service call can take a second or two to return at worst.  As a result, you may notice that your configured settings do not take affect until 1-2 seconds after the camera app has initialized.


Version 1.0.0

  • Self-timer enable/disable
  • Self-timer custom time setting
  • Burst frames enable/disable
  • Burst frames custom frame count
  • Burst frame shutter release time.  Note that this value may not work well below 2 seconds if you are using flash.  Even if you aren’t, I’ve had hiccups where the device sometimes misses a frame.
  • Shutter-sound enable/disable
  • Capture with volume keys enable/disable
  • Video camera flashlight enable/disable

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