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PhysX 3.3.1 Integration Notebook

Changelog July 29, 2014 Updated Rigid Body Section July 24, 2014 Added Rigid Body Physics July 9, 2014 Added details on collision spheres July 2, 2014 Added more cloth tearing info and cloth scale section. June […]


Using STK Packs in ShiVa

Most ShiVa games have a single STK pack file. The reason why is because it’s easy to hit the export button and dump everything into one giant file when you publish. On many PC platforms like Desura and Steam, […]


ShiVa Localization

As we are nearing our first Steam release, we wanted to make a strong effort to localize our game in as many different languages as possible. This brought up an interesting problem involving workflow and […]


Quicksort for ShiVa3D

If you ever need to sort a table of numbers in shiva, I adapted this Rosetta Code entry for shiva. — Adapted from function quicksort (t, start, endi) start = start or 0 endi = […]